Rubi Sullivan | Quimby LOMBARDOZZI | Rachel GENE

Rubi, Quimby and Rachel are certified, insured and mobile Animal Massage Therapists. All of Heal’s massage therapists have gone through the certification program/s at Northwest School of Animal Massage and have been around animals their entire lives. They work closely with veterinarians in their area to help create a community focus for each animal they work with. Read their bios below to find out more about them:



Rubi Sullivan is the founder of Heal Animal Massage. She started her practice in 2006 and has been a busy bee ever since. Creating open communication between all members of the animal’s community, she weaves her sessions to fit the needs of each particular patient. Rubi is trained in many facets of Animal Massage Therapy, including; swedish massage techniques, manual lymphatic drainage, scar tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point work, hospice care and post-surgical and rehabilitation massage techniques. She works not only with dogs but also with cats and the occasional pet rat. She is an instructor with the Northwest School of Animal Massage, and also teaches short introduction classes for dog owners in the Portland Metro area.

Being an only child growing up in the country, Rubi has had a passion for animals her entire life. She has always wanted a goat, a monkey and a duck. She was a heartbroken pre-teen when she found out that her parents would only spring for horses, dogs, a rabbit, cats, chickens, honey bees, homing pigeons and goldfish. I think she had it pretty good ;)… although she still really wants a goat or two! 

Rubi is currently the grateful animal caregiver for one amazing dog and one extraordinary cat. She happily lives with her soulmate dog Sacha Muchacha - a Three-legged Purebred Latin American Street Dog from the Galapagos and Captain Trout, the Barry White of cats. Life is good.

Rubi consistently exudes the joy and pleasure she receives providing
massage to our animal companions. Six of our companions have enjoyed
the services Rubi provides and each one of them has benefited emotionally
and physically from their experience. Rubi is always reverent to her task
making the companions her focus, courteous to the humans while allowing
herself to have fun. Our family human and canine alike feel blessed and
fortunate to have Rubi as part of our care team. Thank you Rubi for being
the incredible, compassionate and talented woman that you are.
— Jeff Evans and Michael



For as long as I can remember animals have captured my heart and been an important part of my life, especially senior and special needs dogs. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a dog relax and experience the restorative effects of therapeutic massage. My clients are dear to me and the animal/human connection established during massage is my favorite part of the job.

I was inspired to become a small animal massage practitioner after taking an introductory massage class many years ago. After employing the simple techniques I learned in class on my own dogs I saw the powerful effects of massage and wanted to learn more. I began volunteering at local shelters and was inspired to pursue a path in animal wellness. In 2012 I enrolled in the Northwest School of Animal Massage and subsequently earned my certifications in maintenance massage and rehabilitation massage. Since then I’ve gained a wealth of experience with a variety of different breeds, ages, temperaments and medical conditions. 

I love and serve ALL dogs but have a special place in my heart for rescued animals. In addition to private practice, I continue to be an active shelter volunteer and donate massage services to special needs shelter dogs.

On the home front, my husband and I are the adoring guardians of a bandit-faced senior Rottweiler mix named Josie (also known as Jo Girl, Floppy Jo, Jelly Jonut and Josie VonBunweiler), and in 2016 we bid farewell to George, a beautiful Great Pyrenees/Golden Retriever mix and dear soul who was the gentlest dog the world has known (Rest In Peace, sweet boy).

Quimby has been an incredible care provider for our 15-year-old dog, Sasha. She is so gentle and adjusts the massage to accommodate frequent changes in Sasha’s health. Sasha is visibly blissed-out post massage and has a boost in mobility for a few days. Quimby always follows up to see how Sasha has responded, and to send cute pictures she has taken post-massage. I appreciate how focused she is on helping our old girl and providing ideas and resources for us as needed.
— Erin Lolich



Rachel is a trained Small Animal Massage Practitioner and animal Reiki Master/Teacher. She completed her massage training at the Northwest School of Animal Massage and her Reiki training with Animal Reiki Master/Teacher, Victoria Kress. Her journey into the world of animal massage and Reiki began after the sudden loss of her “soul-dog” Dodger. In search of a way to honor him and all he taught her, Rachel began looking to the healing arts as a way to be of service to animals, and their people. 

In addition, Rachel has a Master’s degree in Education and is passionate about humane education. In partnership with her dog Abigail, the two visit and talk with school-age children throughout the Portland-Metro area with the aim of inspiring future generations of compassionate animal advocates. She is also a regular volunteer at several animal shelters and sanctuaries in Oregon, offering massage and Reiki to animals of all kinds. 

She currently lives with her pups Abigail, a border collie/lab mix, and Francis, a Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua mix. When not working on behalf of animals, she enjoys metal-smithing in her home studio, wandering forest trails with camera and coffee in hand, practicing yoga, and spending time with family and friends.

Lady has become so comfortable with Rachel that she gets up to greet her as soon as she hears a knock on the door. Rachel is very gentle, uses very light pressure and always makes Lady feel very relaxed. Lady was quick to warm up to Rachel’s gentle demeanor from the first visit and it’s obvious that Rachel loves working with dog’s and more importantly, she loves her job!
— Eileen Boyd