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At Heal we are focused on preventative care. Animal massage is part of a holistic approach to your pet’s health care. It is a gentle and non-invasive therapy that can relieve pain and stress. Whether you have a companion pet, agility dog, show animal, or service dog, massage is a great way to maintain your furry family member’s health and well-being in addition to regular veterinary visits.

After a day of romping at the day care or dog park, massage can help reduce stiffness and fatigue when they return home by increasing the circulation and flushing waste products from the muscle tissues. Massage can help your dog or cat deal with the stress of boarding that they may experience while you’re away. If you have an older pet, massage may be just what the doctor ordered. They can feel the effects of a good massage in their joints and immune system.


Why Massage?

Find out why massage could be beneficialfor your furry family member.

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Who we are

Learn about the massage therapists who are ready to help your pup to a more comfortable plane of life.  

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