Rubi first helped us with our rescued, older dog, Smokey. Smokey had been chained for nearly all of his life, and had many health issues, including severe arthritis in this hips, spine, and legs. Rubi was careful with Smokey, always observing Smokey’s reactions, and worked quietly and attentively with him. Rubi taught me some massage work I could do with Smokey, too, on my own. We will always be grateful for Rubi’s massages for Smokey.

Rubi now gives massage treatments to our black Labrador mix, Skippy. She works WITH Skippy, letting Skippy’s needs reveal the course of the treatment. It is so wonderful that she can offer this special care in our home! Rubi takes detailed notes after each massage session, to help her track progress and plan for future treatments. (I think she is more thorough at note taking than my own doctor is!) And I am impressed with her next-day follow-up emails, to check in to see how Skippy is doing the day after the massage work. Rubi sincerely cares about our Skippy.

—Jane Bicquette

Quimby saw my dog regularly over two years when we lived in Portland. We've now moved and met other masseuses, but none do as much for my dog's health and enjoyment, or for my awareness.

Quimby's feedback was invaluable for monitoring and addressing issues before they became chronic. She would update me on where he seemed uncomfortable, whether it had changed from the last appointment, and possible causes. This helped in decisions like switching from a collar to a harness, or getting a ramp for the car. I also appreciated her explanations on maintenance I could do myself, and how to read my dog's body language during massage.

Appointments were long and thorough enough for my dog to fully relax and snore deeply. I loved how she integrated stretches into sessions, which I haven't seen from other masseuses. It also gave me great peace of mind that she would notice any unusual bumps. She was the first to find a mass on my roommate's dog that needed to be removed.

Quimby is professional, respectful, and warm. Not only did my dog love seeing her, she also helped me to better understand and care for him. We miss her visits and highly recommend her.

—Jonathan Seneris

Rubi helps make me feel like a puppy again. She is amazing and when my sore old muscles ache, she helps me relax and move better. It took me a few visits to get use to the process, but now I understand the benefits and am so grateful I have her in my life. My wish is for every old dog to have people like Rubi help them feel better. Thank you, Rubi!"

—Boo Radley, Old English Sheepdog (age 11)

I have to tell you that Mikuni was noticeably happy and more comfortable when I got home last night. He was running around, playing, barking, and didn’t seem nearly as wobbly as he’s been. Yay!  Thank you!!
—Jackie Damm

For over three years, O’Malley, my red rogue has been getting routine massages from Heal. Nothing can completely halt the aging process, but O’Malley’s regular massages with Heal has put a spring in his step and keeps him limber and mobile. I did not fully appreciate the therapeutic value of massage until I witnessed the benefits for my boy!

—Bethany Bacci

When Rubi came to see Teddy the first time, he was in extreme pain and maxed out on his pain meds, yet she was able to give him an afternoon of relief with very gentle techniques. He could stand up without yelping for the first time in days. He saw a surgeon the next day, and it turned out he had been suffering with a lumbar disc herniation.

Thanks to Rubi’s massages, a brilliant surgeon, and water therapy with Diane Kunkle at Paws Aquatics, Teddy Bear is now doing very well indeed. He continues to do his water exercise and receives weekly massages from Rubi. His usual massage day is Thursday. On Thursday mornings, he takes possession of his official massage couch, ignoring the pushy vizsla who usually chases him off, and makes himself comfortable to await Rubi’s arrival.

Teddy and I have been extremely impressed with Rubi’s skill, gentle touch, kindness and careful approach. She was able to help him when no medicine could, and she has helped his recovery from surgery immensely. He continues to thrive under her care, and we recommend her highly.

Rachel was great with my dogs. My 14 year old had some stiffness, particularly in one of his legs. He is very friendly but squirmy and not one to hold still for anything including a massage. Rachel was very patient with him, let him get comfortable with her, and let him take breaks when he needed to, while still nudging at the edges of his comfort levels to get some real work done. His leg was noticeably better after that and he was visibly relaxed and happy afterward, seeming more comfortable in the next few days. 

I have 2 other dogs whom she did not work on, but I was impressed by how she made them comfortable as well, since one is a large dog who tends to get aggressive toward strangers, and the other is blind and can get anxious. Given their issues, I was nervous about Rachel coming into the house, but she knew just how to act so that my aggressive dog would be comfortable. In fact the aggressive dog seemed comfortable with Rachel coming into the house and showed positive interest in her. The blind dog was lying down, totally relaxed, next to Rachel while she massaged my other dog, begging for her attention. 

I could tell that Rachel had experience working with troubled dogs, mine loved her!
—Tracy Babione

Our Golden Retriever Lilly has been spoiled with monthly massages for the last 4-5 years. She was diagnosed with arthritis in her hips quite young, so I made the decision to step-up her spoiled care.

We were never disappointed! And it does help her to keep the old muscles flexible. She loves it and I love that she loves it. After an hour it feels like I got a massage too! Very relaxing for sure for Lilly but funnily also for me. Last time, she actually went to her bed and turned herself tummy side up to signal Quimby that she is invited and ready to begin to get massaged. All providers are excellent and I do enjoy the little tips I get about what I can do for Lilly in between her appointments. Getting an appointment is as easy as can be, very professional as well as very kind and compassionate. I cannot say anything bad and we for sure will continue this journey.

By the way, I also recommend the little introduction to pet massage class that Rubi offers once in a while. I did learn a ton while having a blast.
—Heike Grie

Rachel has been working with our Maremma Sheepdog, Lady for over six months. Being a large breed that is approaching 10 years old, we’ve noticed Lady has been slow to get up after naps and occasionally would have a limp after jumping off the bed or furniture. We came across Heal NW during a routine vet appointment. Lady’s vet noticed her areas of pain and recommended that I look into massage sessions.

I was pleasantly surprised at how cost effective the treatment sessions were and we were able to submit the claim through pet insurance.  

Lady has become so comfortable with Rachel that she gets up to greet her as soon as she hears a knock on the door. Rachel is very gentle, uses very light pressure and always makes Lady feel very relaxed. Lady was quick to warm up to Rachel’s gentle demeanor from the first visit and it’s obvious that Rachel loves working with dog’s and more importantly, she loves her job!
—Eileen Boyd

Rubi is also an advocate for all dogs. I admire her consistent dedication to the best-interest and welfare dogs. Rubi supports some wonderful organizations that rescue dogs, including Pixie Project. Also, I can always count on Rubi for a good recommendation, whether it is for a dog-walker, a pet-sitter, or a veterinarian.

Rubi, in her quiet, peaceful way, offers dogs healing and hope.
—Jane Bicquette

It's always a joyous occasion when Rubi arrives! With six hounds, one of them is always needing  a bit of tweaking here or there. Rubi has been with us a long time, she is like family to me. A very special person!
—Vicki Chandler